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Apr. 06, 2009
Sumitomo Corporation

Lessons from an Olympic Gold Medallist

Olympic gold medallist Steve Bradbury with Senior Manager Fumihiko Otsuki at the 2008 Management Forum.

In November 2008 the Sumitomo Australia annual management forum was held in Sydney.

The Forum brings together all Sumitomo Australia company managers to highlight plans and strategies and share business experiences.

One of the highlights of the 2008 Forum was an inspirational speech by Steven Bradbury, Australia’s first Winter Olympic gold medallist. Steven spoke of the terrible injuries he suffered prior to his success in skating, including a broken neck and being impaled by a skate blade in a high speed accident that almost killed him.

There were years of ‘almost succeeding’ against world class competition including four Olympic Games. But the preparation over sixteen years was finally rewarded by his ‘good luck’ when other skaters lost control in the final lap of the gold medal round of speed skating event in the 2002 Winter Olympics. While many regard this as a lucky win, there is no doubt that it was dedication, hard work, preparation and perseverance that got Steven his entry to the event.

The qualities that are required to succeed as an elite athlete can be applied to the business world. As Sumitomo strives to become the number one trading company in the Australasian market our employees will need to apply the same passion.