Carbon and Chemicals


Organic Chemicals

Sumitomo imports and exports a range of solvents, polymers, resins, emulsifiers and other chemicals used in the manufacture of adhesives, paints, plastics and other end products.

Petroleum Refinery Product Supply/ Trading

Petroleum Refinery Product Supply/ Trading

Sumitomo Australia’s diverse product range includes the trading and supply of all types of marine fuels at all Australian and New Zealand based mainland ports.

This also covers the export and supply of specialty graded petroleum based clarified oils for further value adding processors and other ethylene based feedstocks used in the manufacture of high value industrial products.

Energy Infrastructure – Petro Chemicals & other Organic chemicals

Energy Infrastructure – Petro Chemicals & other Organic chemicals

Sumitomo Australia develops potential new petroleum energy based infrastructure projects so that specific products can be supplied for Australian consumers in defined markets. The source of products is utilised by having access to leading quality suppliers in the region using best practice logistics transportation.

Inorganic Chemicals

Copper slag, granulated blast furnace slag and other cement additives are imported for use in clinker/cement industry.

Life Science / Cosmetic Chemicals

Sumitomo has a wide range of activities for trading active pharmaceutical ingredients / cosmetic chemicals, and for coordinating “license in/out deals”.

Sulphuric Acid Trading

Sumitomo Corporation group expanded its global Sulphuric acid trading activity to Australia in 1996. This business operates through Interacid Australia Pty Ltd (IAPL), a subsidiary of Interacid Trading S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation.

IAPL is the largest supplier of Sulphuric acid in Australia with annual sales of over one million tonnes primarily to the fertilizer and mining industries.

This company operates independently of Sumitomo Australia. Further information can be found at the Interacid website

Carbon Products

Industrial Carbon Products

Sumitomo Australia sources, imports and exports a number of products which includes Carbon Black Feedstock, Activated Carbon, Graphite Electrodes and Cathodes for the Steel & Aluminium manufacturing industries. Recent product developments to this portfolio now include Metallurgical Coke supply exported to international steel manufacturers.

Coal Chemical Products

Coal Chemical Products

Sumitomo Australia provides specific solutions based business model utilizing our industry experience. Together with our leading worldwide network and unique local market knowledge, we are able to source products and manage the complete sales and logistics function for these products to provide a seamless approach to our customer base.


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