Mineral Resources and Energy

Investing and trading in coal and mineral resources

Mineral Resources and Energy Team at Clermont Mine

Business Overview

Our mission is to provide a stable supply of coal and other mineral resources. Sumitomo Australia’s operations are closely integrated with those of Sumitomo Corporation, and we have successfully established a comprehensive value chain from upstream to downstream in the business.

Our activities comprise of direct investments in mines and trading in mineral resources. Sumitomo is actively seeking to expand these activities and make new investments in upstream business of mineral resources and oil & gas.

Direct Investments

Dragline at Rolleston Mine

Sumitomo holds direct investments in Joint Ventures that own and operate thermal and metallurgical coal mines in the Bowen Basin area of Queensland.  The majority of these investments are held through Sumisho Coal Australia P/L and SCAP C P/L (100% subsidiaries of Sumitomo Corporation).

Northparkes Mine - Mill

In addition, Sumitomo Australia P/L also holds investments in SC Mineral Resources P/L which in turn has interests in Northparkes Mine, an underground block-cave copper & gold mine located in New South Wales Australia.

Truck & Shovel at Hail Creek

Strategic alliances have been formed with major mining companies, such as Glencore and Rio Tinto, with extensive development and operating experience to operate and expand our investments. These alliances and investments in various greenfield & brownfield projects reflect Sumitomo’s commitment to the development of the mining sector in Australia.

Upstream Interests Portfolio
■ Coal   Copper

We have expanded our portfolio incrementally, and accumulated knowledge and experience in mining operations from our various investments. Sumitomo Group continues to seek opportunities for further investments both within Australia and various parts of the world. 

Trading Operations 

The principal traded products include coal, iron-ore, copper and gold.

Sumitomo Australia works closely with Sumitomo Corporation to export Australian minerals to power utilities, steel mills and smelting companies in Japan and other parts of Asia.